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Creepshow (1982) Lobby Cards

My favorite.

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btvs + priorities
   ↪ "Uh, can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?"

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Monsters of Canada Stamps. For your scary-Canadian mail.

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Poke’ Trainer Commissions

Message me to get your own for $50!

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btvs appreciation week: [day 2] favorite pairing or friendship → dawn summers & spike

"I feel safe with you." "Take that back!"

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The wolf is inside me all the time. And I don’t know where that line is anymore, between me and it.

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The 1961 Ford Gyron concept car, as seen on Retronaut.


btvs appreciation week: [day 1] favorite character → buffy summers

"Oh, it’s not a gay thing! Well, she’s gay but we don’t…gay."


Horror Channel (UK) is airing classic Doctor Who beginning 18th April

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From this weekend, the UK TV channel Horror is screening episodes of classicDoctor Who—from the First Doctor to the Seventh—and have put together a beautiful animated trailer to whet appetites and generally encourage viewers.

And they’ve done such a good job you could easily use it to encourage fans of the recent series to dip a toe in classic Who waters


“ In fairy tales, monsters exist to be a manifestation of something that we need to understand, not only a problem we need to overcome, but also they need to represent, much like angels represent the beautiful, pure, eternal side of the human spirit, monsters need to represent a more tangible, more mortal side of being human: aging, decay, darkness and so forth. And I believe that monsters originally, when we were cavemen and you know, sitting around a fire, we needed to explain the birth of the sun and the death of the moon and the phases of the moon and rain and thunder. And we invented creatures that made sense of the world: a serpent that ate the sun, a creature that ate the moon, a man in the moon living there, things like that. And as we became more and more sophisticated and created sort of a social structure, the real enigmas started not to be outside. The rain and the thunder were logical now. But the real enigmas became social. All those impulses that we were repressing: cannibalism, murder, these things needed an explanation. The sex drive, the need to hunt, the need to kill, these things then became personified in monsters. Werewolves, vampires, ogres, this and that. I feel that monsters are here in our world to help us understand it. They are an essential part of a fable. ”

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